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We’ve had a good run—us and print media. But, as with so many good things, the previous generation of stuff has a way of eventually shuffling off into the past. And, so it is with print, now too far outpaced by the blistering cyber speed of online and other digital media formats. I mean, whatayagonnado?


Dear Valued Customers and Visitors,

We had a good run with print media. But, as so long predicted, print has finally been all but entirely overtaken by the blistering cyber speed of growth in online and other digital media formats. So, whatayagonnado?

So, while we hate to think of the great Gutenberg, father of the printed page, rolling over in his grave, maybe arguably he can still be remembered as the father of all text communication, including the digitally displayed word. Too far? If so, then I guess it’s so long Gutenberg.

Maybe it’s weird that we’re not more reverent or nostalgic about the slow but sure passing of print marketing. Nah. Or, maybe we’ll feel more sentimental when print finally disappears entirely. But, probably not. I mean, it’s not like this has taken anybody by surprise. To say that print has made a slow departure is a gross understatement. The inevitable digital takeover has been coming since 1956! Back when Time magazine first started talking about the future displacement of print by digital.

Should we really apologize for being so elated about the explosion of digital and its web marketing subset? Definitely nope. I mean, we do get it that there is still a residual digital controversy…and that back in the 90s there were throws of panic when the reality first set in that it was a matter of when, not if, print media was going to become obsolete. We agree, that was sad. But, we’ve moved on…

What can we say? We’ve been among those who’ve been eagerly embracing, instead of rejecting the transition from print media marketing to digital. And, for all of our forward thinking, we’ve ended up with a gargantuously (possibly not a word, but still fitting) talented team of digital wizards over at FizzPop Media, who love operating on the cutting edge of creative innovation in digital marketing.

To be clear, we still absolutely love your business, dear highly-valued print media marketing users. In fact, hey…thought! Come over to the digital side! Don’t hate digital. Remember all it’s done for print marketing during the past three decades—with all the quality enhancements, versatility and production speed it’s lent to professional printing, and ultimately even to the suburban kitchen-table printing projects for little league schedules, etc.

But, the world is ever more rapidly going paperless now. That’s because digital is just so much more engaging than paper. But you know that. And, people are learning faster about everything they don’t need, or can’t use paper for—books, billing, banking, and so on through an endless list of more stuff just beginning with the letter b alone—brochures, Bing, branding, bots, see…it’s crazy.

It’s time. And, it’s easy. Just breathe deep, and go digital. You’ve got this!

We’re right over here for you now, just a click away, looking forward to welcoming you to the digital side at FizzPop. It’s our job as web design pros to maximize the power of digital media’s tools, the creative advantages of its format capacities, and its phenomenal flexibility and speed to the fullest benefit of our marketing clients.

- FizzPOP Media Team


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