marketingmeetingHave you ever wondered if your website sucks and is scaring potential clients or customers away? One of the biggest things people leave out is a clear call to action when someone enters your website. They focus on making it pretty, instead of nurturing your traffic to do what you want them to do. While a good looking website is also important, you need to guide someone coming into your website. Just the same as you would in a brick and mortar store, you would approach a customer and assist them.

One of the most effective strategies for nurturing new potential clients coming to your website, is building out a sales funnel and email nurturing automation. You want to get into the head of your new visitors to help solve a burning problem, that you are the solution for. The key here, is to offer a clear and unique value proposition, giving away valuable information is a huge hook in bringing them into your website to learn more about you.

Once you have brought your ideal client into your website, you want to start them into an automation that nurtures them, and when they are ready to contact you, they are ready to be a customer.

Another great tool, is having a personalized video. Video is huge for conversion! Make it authentic and make sure you have it professionally made. It’s important to use your personal brand to help build credibility.

Content is so important! Use words like “you” and “I” – using the words “you” and “I” within your content will create a feeling of a conversation between you and your readers, which will keep them engaged longer. Keep it simple….. Unless your writing articles to scientists and doctors, try not to use fancy words. If a 12 year old can understand what you’re saying, you’re doing great! You don’t want to lose readers.

We have put together a complete 47-Point Homepage Checklist to help you attract, connect and convert more visitors into buyers.


Here is what I know for sure. Your businesses website is one of the most important things there is. Yes you can get one up for “free” or have your cousin from Austin do one for you. But a quality site is an ongoing affair in an ever changing, mind boggling world. Who you have handling that for you will mean the difference between peace of mind and missed opportunities.

R. Damon Scott, Executive Director
Arizona Cocktail Week LLC




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