Adding valuable content to your business’s website will bring you better SEO results. Providing your customers value-added content, you can optimize your site and help improve search results and your ranking.

Get Found Locally

According to a Google study, nearly 20 percent of mobile searches lead to sales in less than 24 hours. Your business can benefit from being found locally, so make sure you are doing all you can with local SEO. If you’re unfamiliar, local SEO is a type of internet marketing that focuses on your geographic (or local) area. It focuses on helping you get found by local customers, bringing them to your door in just one day!

One of the best ways to increase your local SEO ranking is to write blog posts that are value-added—meaning they provide some type of information your customers need.

How Can Blogging Help Your Business?

Adding SEO content to your page can help you improve your local results because it increases the number of indexed pages on your website. Demand Metric says blogs can increase your site’s index pages by as much as 434 percent.  

Indexed pages are any pages found by the crawler programs search engines use to scan content. They look for suitability and value (rather than just keywords). If you write regular, helpful blog posts, you can increase your site’s number of indexed pages. Remember, though, they look for quality posts, rather than quantity, so don’t simple post blog after blog about nothing, make it content that is valuable to your customer, and relative to your business.

If you want to improve your local SEO through blog posts, you need to write about things your target market are interested in. This is what will bring them to your site, and hopefully lead them to make a purchase with you. One way to find out what your audience cares about is by researching the topics that are trending in your industry. Then, simply write something that pertains to those trends. If you sell running shoes, for instance, find out what topics are trending with runners, and write about those. It could be something related to endurance training, how to clean your running shoes, snacks for race day, or even local 5Ks in the area. Figure out what your readers want to know more about and share it.

Stay in the know by subscribing to industry newsletters or reading industry magazines. This will ensure your blogs are up-to-date and valuable to your audience.

When you use local SEO, you can connect with the people of your area uniquely. If your blog posts are easy to share through social media platforms, you will increase your reach even more. Facebook says they have 2.23 billion active users every month, even if you reach a fraction of them, you’ll be increasing your potential customer base and finding new audiences with every share (so make sure your blogs have a ‘share’ button for all the social platforms).

Your blog posts are one way to make your site unique while improving your search results and your local SEO. Allow people in your local market to find you. You blog posts allow new and old customers to learn more about your business and your products. Give them content they’ll want to share, and build your customer base!