Have you wondered why nearly every business seems to have a blog these days? Sometimes companies like to reach out to their customers with a direct line of communication. Other times, they’re looking to improve their SEO ranking and increase visibility to their site. Finally, an authoritative and engaging blog can organically grow their customer base by offering quality content.

Here are the top five ways you can turn your blog into an SEO powerhouse:

Draw Readers In With a Catchy Blog Name

Don’t think it’s good enough to just write ‘blog’ in the title. With so many blogs on the web now, you need to stand out to get attention. This is also a chance for you to express your creativity and set the tone for your site. If you’re feeling low on ideas, a random name and theme generator may help. Try Blogabout by Impact and see if it jogs your creativity.

Narrow Down Your Topic and Audience

‘One size fits all’ doesn’t apply in the blogging world. Each post should focus tightly on a topic and be aimed at a specific segment of your audience and potential customers. Your blog can also be a great way to reach a new audience, but you have to reel them in with quality, original content.

Create Short and SEO-Savvy URLs

Website analytics can be a useful tool to see which posts get the most attention. This is why it’s recommended to use ‘/blog/’ in the url. Including this helps your analytics give you more focused data about website traffic.

Keep Your Blog Up-to-Date

Have you ever gone onto a website and seen that the last update was over a year ago? It makes you wonder how the business is doing. An up-to-date blog gives your company many advantages. It looks professional, allows you to add new internal links to other areas of your site, and experiment with new keywords that will increase SEO rankings.

Integrate Social Media With Your Blog

You’re a busy entrepreneur or businessman with a lot on your plate. You already keep a blog. Do you have time to juggle a half dozen social media accounts? With the right program, the answer is yes! There are services like  Buffer that, every time you update your blog, will tweet your audience, update your company’s Facebook page, and pin something on Pinterest with backlinks to your blog. All you have to do is the initial setup. You can also manage and schedule your posts and see how your content is performing.