You will concur with me that social media has taken over the world with a storm. Right from mere entertainment, all the way to a myriad of much more, and all these, coming to you right at the comfy of your seat. Amazing, right? What’s even better, is how Instagram stands out from the rest of the social media platforms, especially for you who’s looking to make the very best of Instagram’s stories, in a bid to raise your business a notch higher.

Are you there, perhaps stuck and not sure how to kick off? Don’t worry, because we’ve come to your rescue! Instagram stories, no doubt, give marketers an edge when talking about user engagement with brands. We like to simplify matters and that’s why we’ve broken down just what you need in building your brand with Instagram Stories. Sit tightly because at the end of this, you might want to jump off your seat since you can’t wait to get started.

Try Going Behind The Scenes

Nothing catches the eye more than a unique authentic story lying behind the posts in a user’s feed. Instagram stories provide brands with exactly such an opportunity to tell their story behind the scenes. Think about coming across a new post in your Instagram feed from, say Nike, featuring a renown soccer player, then going behind the scenes and being able to see the kind of workout they do to keep fit. The possibilities are indefinite and many brands can sure take advantage of this amazing Instagram feature.

Giving Your Brand That Outstanding Look

It beats logic that an out of the ordinary look will definitely carry the day. You therefore might want to try out filters, effects and props that are consistent with your brand. Notwithstanding, emphasis should be on a look that quickly attracts the eye. Notice, a peculiar look also serves to identify your brand and if you ask me, that’s a plus for you.

Use Relevant Calls to Action (CTA)

CTAs are definitely crucial as a marketer. Figuring out what you want to sell to your users, perhaps a new commodity you want them to buy, usually will give you a hint on just the right CTA to incorporate. Once you’ve made your choice then provide to your viewers with an option of an action they could take. Since CTAs appear at the bottom they are relatively easy to miss. You therefore might consider rendering them large by using text overlay.

Instagram Take-Overs

It doesn’t hurt to try out some new stuff like handing over your account to someone else, say for a day. Sometimes, it might just be what your brand needs to create a very good impression on your viewers and may thus attract a whole load of new prospects. We’ve seen some brands handing over their accounts to brand ambassadors and the returns are certainly unbelievable.

Tell Us Your Story

Actually, the whole point of social media is essentially sharing one’s story. Similarly, brands can utilize Instagram stories to take us through their journey. This unquestionably is fundamental in attracting prospects to your brand. A very good example has been NASA’s dexterity in offering its viewers a vast information on all they do, including taking them behind the scenes.