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In January of 2015 I was faced with the all too common challenge of any business these days… my highly recommended and way behind schedule web- designer had flaked. Disappeared actually, to Nicaragua, less than 30 days before my event. I had a barely functioning website, half completed, full of “coming soon” where there should have been copy and once again I was cursing at my PC about the constant headache that was my website. And I was stuck. I didn’t even know the logins as I thought I had paid someone competent to handle this very important piece of my business for me. Never again.

A friend recommended that I contact Brian Hardy as he had helped them out a similar jam. Having few options I did so and have never regretted doing so since. He was able to get my limping along site up and operational in short order. He accomplished more in one weeks’ time than his predecessor had in 6 months. Without question had he not got involved it would have been disastrous to my event, my business and my reputation.

Since then he and his company have become a true partner in our endeavors. I know enough about I.T. to be dangerous and Brian knows when to step in and tell me what needs to be done and why. There is never any pressure or sales tactics, just service to my account above and beyond anything I had become accustomed to with the countless string of “hey I can do your website” volunteers. He always answers my phone calls…always. He does what he says he will when he says it will be done and within the agreed to budget.

Here is what I know for sure. Your businesses website is one of the most important things there is. Yes you can get one up for “free” or have your cousin from Austin do one for you. But a quality site is an ongoing affair in an ever changing, mind boggling world. Who you have handling that for you will mean the difference between peace of mind and missed opportunities.

R. Damon Scott
Executive Director
Arizona Cocktail Week LLC


I had Brian w/ FizzPOP Media build me a sales funnel for a fitness program I am doing ..

1. He did it quick and met the deadline

2. He fulfilled all my needs w/ the funnel

3. The funnel got instant results … so I guess you could say I am more then pleased with FizzPOP 🙂

Shayne Simpson
Rock Solid Fitness Kickboxing



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