No matter what size business you run – to grow that business, you need to gain more exposure to attract more customers. That’s the purpose of lead generating strategies. What happens when your sales and marketing strategies are no longer capturing your customer’s interest? 

You need to implement new lead generation strategies that will attract new eyes to your business with a high-intent to buy – and crush the competition.

Here are some tips on how you can stand out from the crowd, gain more brand exposure, and cultivate those potential customers throughout the sales funnel.

Analyze Your Target Audience

The best lead generation strategies will target groups that are specific to your business or service. This could be a combination of demographics, age, gender, or position within a company. Your target customers should also be analyzed to determine when and what these customer buy. Knowing your target audience’s intent is a greater factor than even brand loyalty.

With the right online analytics in place, you can track online searchs in your market sector to find which keywords, services, brands, and products that internet users are searching online.  

Choose Social Media Platforms Carefully

Instead of spreading your marketing efforts across multiple social media platforms, target 2 or 3 that are best suited for your target customer. Not everyone hangs out on Instagram, yet 80% of Twitter users are affluent millennials. Determine which social media platforms are important to your demographics and market sector

Facebook is certainly a place to build brand loyalty, grow your website traffic, and increase your exposure to generate more leads. When you leverage your social media advertising, you create a community of potential leads.

Generate Leads Through Content Marketing

Today’s society is information-driven, and customers are demanding online content that adds value to the buyer’s journey. When you present engaging content that builds trust and showcases your industry knowledge, you meet your customers need for information. Content  through various content marketing channels:

  • informational blogs
  • thought leadership white papers
  • quote tools and calculators
  • newsletters, online brochures
  • videos and podcasts

Track Leads Throughout the Sales Funnel

It’s easier to convert leads if you’ve been tracking them from day one! For both B2B and B2C, each lead’s journey will go through stages – that should be tracked and nurtured. It is important to know where your leads are coming into your sales funnel and at which stages you are getting the most conversions. All of your online ads, social media posts, and business website should be covered with an analytical system to give you valuable insight to generating and converting leads.

Don’t neglect to make your online presence mobile-friendly as a killer lead generating strategy. Mobile commerce is probably the single-most rapidly growing trend that businesses must connect with to drive e-commerce sales.