Most of the companies tend to develop a relationship with their customers during the purchase process but lose track of them after they check out. Some of the traditional approaches that marketers have taken to catch consumer’s attention include; in-store promotions, display advertisements, and coupons. However, the most significant challenge for companies arises when the client leaves the store. This means that the one-to-one conversation ends and companies are left with no means of engaging the buyer further.

Today, companies have started to realize that after sales engagement is the pathway to customer satisfaction, loyalty, and brand recognition. Modern marketers are striving to find ways of extending the consumer dialogue beyond the confines of the physical store. Here are some of the ways you engage your customers after sales.

Provide Education and Useful Tips

One of the most effective ways of engaging your clients after sales is through providing useful information and proper guidance on how to use your products to enhance customer experience and satisfaction. For instance, a basic user guide printed on the primary packaging material can influence the consumer to use your product in a unique way that they never thought about. You can also provide access to cloud-based videos, reviews, and photos about the same product via their smartphones. Providing useful information to your clients not only maintains the aesthetic and integrity of your product packaging but also, deepens the brand-to-customer connection.

Enable Product Reordering

This is one of the direct ways you can use to grow your client base and fuel loyalty. There is nothing more convenient to the consumer than reordering the same product through tapping a button on his/her smartphone. The reorder button can also serve as a gateway to other useful information about the product. For example, if you are running a makeup shop, the reorder button can also provide the consumer with application tips from professional artists.

Offer Help

You can also build customer trust by streamlining the process of troubleshooting various product issues. For instance, most consumers tend to struggle so much when trying to put together a ready-to-assemble piece of furniture. To help them, you can come up with an informative step-by-step video tutorial and instructions that can be accessed via their mobile phones. You can also offer an electronic version of the warranty form so that consumers can fill and submit it online.

Reward Your Customers

Loyalty programs are always an incredible way to engage your clients after the initial and subsequent transactions. Offering rewards and discounts will deepen the relationship between your company and your customers and move your brand to the next level. Most customers consider a loyalty program as part of their relationship with your brand and will want to access it through mobile devices, so consider moving the loyalty program closer to your clients.