If you want to be an online force, you need good SEO. After decades of input, it turns out the best way to look strong is to have a strong brand. Here are some tips for being the best you can be:

1. Optimize Your Website

First things first. Before you start attracting more people, make sure you are already getting the best performance from your site. Have you tested all its applications, on all kinds of devices and media? Does it load quickly?  Have you tested your conversion funnel?

You should be testing every time your site is updated, so you know all the parts of your site work together efficiently. The last thing you want is people frustrated from simply trying to visit.

2. Create Resources People Need and Can Use

Whatever your business is, find unique ways to help visitors to your site learn important information about the field or solve ongoing problems.

  • An interview with someone important in your field, possibly with inside information
  • A searchable database of information only you have access to
  • A tool which users can use to solve relevant problems in your field
  • Blogs or tutorials which make complex information in your field accessible

3. Give All Your Visitors a Reason to Come Back

After you attract visitors, you want to make sure they come back. Being able to turn one-time visitors into repeat users can be the difference between success and failure. Having the same people coming back over and over will help you build your brand.

If you really want to get people to come back, think proactively. Provide an incentive for signing up for your mailing list. Set up a loyalty plan, or offer discounts to people who have registered on your site. Reward those who participate the most. And of course, keep adding quality content on a regular basis so there will always be something new and interesting.

4. Be Newsworthy

Don’t just recycle the ideas everyone else is using. And don’t just try to get hits on your website– treat everything you create on your website as an opportunity to offer real value to visitors.

There are endless possibilities. Surprise your readers, or create resources people can truly use. Create material that is controversial or hilarious, even, if it helps build your brand. Whatever you do, keep your focus on your ultimate goals. You don’t want filler or clickbait on your site, because you want your visitors to trust you.

As long as you maintain your website and keep adding valuable content, you can keep adding to your base. You can be a leader in your field.