Website promotions are a powerful tool to reaching your customer base, but you need to be sure that they’re sending the right message. Relevancy is the most important service that any business can offer. A recent study has shown that nearly 75% of visitors become frustrated with sites that don’t provide enough relevant information. This is where geo-targeting, the practice of tailoring messages by location, comes in.

So what is geo-targeting?

Geo-targeting is customizing your promotions for a specific region and interest. If your site’s visitors see too many promos not relevant to them, they will be less interested with continuing to look at your services. For instance, if you own a sporting supply store and one of your largest customer base is located in Denver, don’t try to target them with ads for surf boards. If there are too many of these non-targeted promo offers, the visitor will likely leave your site.

So how do you create these geo-targeted promotions? There are two ways: having your web-development team do it, or using a service to generate popups and sticky bars. For best results, it’s recommended to have your messages appear only once and only after the visitor scrolls part way down the web page. Your geo-targeting software should have settings to control this.

Easy geo-targeting through seasonal and regional offers

You can greatly increase your visitor’s engagement with your site through the right promotions. Think about what customers in each region might be looking for during certain times of the year. If you run an apparel store, for instance, offer promos for heavy winter coats in the north and light jackets or hiking boots for warmer climates.

Take advantage of in-store promotions

If you operate a brick and mortar store, half your geo-targeting has already been taken care of for you. This lets you create even more personalized , timely, and effective deals. If your business has a newsletter, you can encourage signups by offering an in-store discount code. Not only will this get more people visiting your store, but you can use this information later to fine-tune your newsletter promotions.

Geo-market your events

Geo-targeting as also an extremely effective way to promote an upcoming event. For locals, focus your message on how close and convenient the event is for them. For further-away locations, encourage sign-ups with deals on transport and accommodation.

Creating your own geo-targeted messages

So how do you incorporate geo-targeting into your website? There are several service providers like Unbounce that can help. They offer a wide range of customization for when and how geo-targeted messages are triggered, all managed with a simple and easy to use interface. You can also find much more information on the GeoMarketing from Yext website.