Our best-in-class architecture and highly redundant systems keep WordPress fast, scalable, and secure.

Automated, redundant systems for your critical applications.
Multiple, powerful firewalls between your data and threats.
Proactive detection and elimination of malware.
Proprietary caching technology for massive scalability and speed.
Enable SSL certificates on any site with a single click.
Blazingly fast load times for globally accessed content.
Instant backup and restore with easy Snapshot Backups.


We’re already keeping your wordpress up to date.
Want us to keep your plugins up to date and site current?


Focus on your business. Leave WordPress to the experts.


The web is awash with security threats and vulnerabilities, and no matter who you are or the size of your site, you could be a target. Even if you feel your site isn’t important or visible enough to be in the crosshairs, hackers could be trying to take control of your site for nefarious reasons, like to send spam or attack another site using your server as a pawn. Your site is at risk. Do you have a strategy for what happens if your site is hacked? What would downtime due to an attack cost you? How about if Google listed your site as unsafe, causing new and existing customers to fear visiting it? And what about the social media backlash that could follow?

Do you want to go through all of that to save a few dollars a month? With managed WordPress, you have no reason to fret. A managed WordPress hosting provider will monitor your site to ensure the looming security threats are blocked. And, in the event that something goes wrong, a managed WordPress hosting provider will fix your site for you and get you back online, saving you the inflated consulting fees and collateral damage of a security incident. And, a secure site performs better, since bogus traffic requests won’t eat up your resources. It’s a win-win.


You want your site to be successful. Don’t let that success be your downfall. A high-traffic event—think a link up on Reddit, a tweet from a celebrity that kicks off something that goes viral for several hours, or a PR hit on a popular media site—could shoot your traffic to the moon. That could be great for business. But without the right infrastructure, it could be a disaster. If your site can’t withstand a massive traffic spike, or if it crashes at the first sign of a surge, that means reduced engagement, reputation damage and, ultimately, lost revenue. With managed WordPress hosting, your site can scale to ensure success. Anticipating a major influx of traffic? We can work with you to put the right safeguards in place, turning a potentially site-slaughtering spike into a smashing success.

We know that scaling WordPress isn’t easy, and the last thing you want is a traffic spike to take your site down. We built EverCache®, our amazing proprietary caching that converts normal WordPress sites into massively scalable online properties. It’s our secret sauce, 50 man-years of effort in the making. EverCache makes our WordPress sites super scalable and able to withstand a massive barrage of traffic without skipping a beat. And if you know your site is going to be slammed, we can also put some temporary measures into place to ensure even more massive scalability—think up to 100 million requests in less than 12 hours


On the web, every second counts. Did you know that 40 percent of people will abandon a website if it takes more than three seconds to load? Studies have also shown that a one-second delay in page load times results in 7 percent fewer conversions. That’s revenue walking out the door due to a sluggish site. We give you the framework for a high-speed site and can help you kick it back into gear should it become sluggish.

Page load speed and response times are important, not just from a user experience perspective, but also financially. On the web, time is money. EverCache is a major speed booster—it can make your sites run four times faster than with regular hosting. We’re also proactive and make optimization recommendations to ensure the speed of your site. Plus, our fully-managed content delivery network (CDN) stores your site’s static content locally in servers all over the world, and then serves content to your visitors from the servers closest to them, reducing latency by seconds. We do the heavy lifting to ensure the swiftest page load and response times possible, anywhere in the world.


Nothing in life is 100 percent. Technology is no different. Even Gmail goes down a few times a year, and Google is the best in the business. There are myriad things that can cause hiccups with your site: a down server, a DNS glitch, or a misfiring piece of code. With managed WordPress hosting, you get proactive service and support that notifies you when something goes awry so you know it’s under control and will be fixed as fast as possible.

We feel privileged to be of service to our customers and we take that responsibility seriously.

Your success matters, so we aspire to provide an exceptional level of service to help you succeed.


Now that you have the four Ss covered, what else do you get with managed WordPress hosting? A lot more.


With FizzPOP Media, you no longer have to worry about (or pay extra for) backups. We offer one-click backup and restore at no extra cost. We automatically backup every customer site daily—it just happens. And if a customer wants to manually backup a site, you have the flexibility to do so.


Migrations can be tricky and time consuming. For only $250 we can do a full migration of your wordpress site to our servers. Giving you peace of mind that your website will be fully transferred.


Our GeoIP enables global brands to use a site visitor’s location to serve them relevant, targeted content based on their country, state, city, and even zipcode. This empowers brands, marketers, engineers, legal departments, and site owners to show site visitors pricing in their national currency, sites in their language, and share content that is most relevant based on geography.

Enterprise-grade uptime and reliability.

Faster sites through accelerated page load times with our proprietary EverCache® caching layer optimized for WordPress, high performance storage, HTTP/2 and PHP 7 support. Global security, reliability, and connectivity with Google’s infrastructure and FizzPOP Media’s software.

High uptime and resilience to unexpected failures with self-healing properties and auto-recovery.



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