If you have worked in sales or marketing for longer than five minutes, you get that the customer is the one in charge today. The Internet has made it possible for people to conduct in-depth research on a company long before the initial contact. That changes the job from selling something to becoming authorities on what people want to buy. It also means that customers expect your company to tell a story, but it’s your job to figure out what they want to hear.

Can You Solve the Customer’s Problem?

The truth is that customers don’t care about you, your products, your services, or your company. The days of continuing to talk until customers see the value of what you are trying to sell are long gone. Instead of spending all your time researching selling points for your products or services, learn about the needs of your buyers instead. While they will tune out a sales pitch, you can grab their attention in a hurry by demonstrating how you have the solution to their most pressing problems.

Instead of talking a lot of hype about what you are selling, change your focus to engage and entertain potential customers. Allow the people you are trying to reach to feel like they are part of something exciting and life-changing that they will naturally want to share with others. Once the word spreads online, you may find that you have to do very little advertising. People will have already picked up on the sense of excitement that is buzzing around your company’s product or service that will take away at least one major problem in their home or work life.

Aim to Educate Instead of Sell

Today’s consumers do not want to feel like companies are giving them continual sales pitches. They prefer to learn about the things they might buy through eBooks, videos, blog posts, and other informative content published by the company and then asking questions for clarification later.

People of all ages often like the social aspect of interacting with their favorite brands online as well. Whether it’s answering a question on a Facebook post or responding to an online review, people like to know that someone on the other end cares about their concerns. If your company has not yet signed up for each of the major social media platforms, don’t delay another day.

People have a natural instinct to detect when a company views them as a means to an end versus truly caring whether the things it sells make a difference for them. Please don’t hesitate to contact FizzPOP Media if you feel you need help transforming the way your business serves customers.