The internet has transformed the world of business marketing. Regardless of what you do, the internet will likely be at the heart of all your marketing strategies. Also referred to as online marketing, internet marketing is the process of promoting products, services or a brand over the Internet. This is a broad scope that includes electronic customer relationships management, email marketing and any promotional activity which is done through wireless media.

Internet marketing combines the creative and technical aspects of the World Wide Web like advertising, development, designing and sales. Furthermore, it also deals with placing and creating advertisements throughout the different stages of the customer engagement cycle.


The internet is has become one of the major sources of information for various people all over the world. Users usually prefer doing quick online searches for anything that they want as opposed to turning the pages of newspapers and directories.

The internet can be used as a very powerful marketing tool in a number of ways so as to promote online businesses and also reach the target audience around the world. There are various types of internet marketing strategies which are used by online marketers. Below is a list of the highly effective and popular styles of internet marketing methods:

Search Engine Marketing (SEO)

SEO has become a very crucial part of the web commerce. Without using the right SEO strategies and techniques, a website or business might not acquire good ranking on the popular search engines especially Google.

The major focus of the search engine marketing strategies is placing some highly searched keywords in specific places of different web pages of a given website. This aims at providing useful and relevant content to the target market while also improving the overall ranks of the website on the search engines.
Social Media Marketing

Employment of the social media marketing services is regarded as the most important as well as result-oriented marketing strategy for online businesses. The services give very quick results in addition to having profound effects on the overall functioning of the business. Social media marketing simply means promoting a website or company on various networking sites as well as popular media channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Blogger. Promoting businesses of websites via social media marketing ensures increased traffic thus resulting in good amounts of profits.
Google AdSense Advertising

Google AdSense has rapidly grown in the past years. Google AdSense allows sites of any size to earn money through relevant advertising. To be more precise, Google AdSense is basically a simple marketing strategy which allows advertisers to earn money through their advertisements whenever users click on them once they visit a website. Each and every website has advertisements that are related to its content. This gives the advertisers a wide customer base. Google AdSense is a simple and fast way of advertising products on the internet so as to attract target audience.
E-mail Marketing

E-Mail marketing is among the primary ways of strengthening the relationship with customers. In order to start this process, your clients should sign up for the newsletters so that they can be repeatedly reminded on launches, new products and other deals offered by the company. E-mail marketing enhances customer loyalty and it can offer amazing benefits to the customers in case they decide to become subscribers.


Marketing is a very essential product for product adoption and proliferation across the targeted audience. Conventional strategies for marketing have always been associated with market search requirements and a hefty budget. As the world becomes smarter and more efficient, a lot of people have started realizing the advantages of internet marketing. These include:

Data collection

Each time a customer transacts with any company online, the transaction is captured. Through internet marketing, the firm is able to use this data in various ways. Firstly, the information can be analyzed so as to find out the popular products sold. Secondly, the information can also be used to help in segmenting their customers, profiling them and also sending promotional material to customers based on their past buying habits.

Personalization of the web experience

When the customers log into their accounts it enables businesses to make their web experiences to be unique. This includes offering special offers to the specific customer and adds on to their recent purchases like does or by allowing customers to personalize their own products, like Nike does with their trainers. Personalization allows firms to form stronger bonds with customers and also form long term relationships which ensures that customers regularly come back.

Competitor Analysis

The internet allows businesses to analyze their competitor’s online strategy. A firm can keep abreast of new products that are released, react to price changes, or use the internet to discover secondary data on their competitors. The internet allows a firm to react quickly to a change in their competitor’s strategy, and try to provide a service that allows them to match or beat their competitors.

Cost Reduction

One of the main benefits of setting up businesses online are the cost advantages of doing so. Businesses are able to save various costs which include: Staffing costs, premises, disintermediation and financial management.