Is your marketing department struggling to find the right tone on twitter? Are you tired of seeing your company’s tweets get ignored? Step back and rethink your Twitter approach. Bland soundbites may work in the boardroom (probably not, but that’s for another article), but don’t help you stand out in the Twitterverse. Let’s go over some ways to help your company write tweets that matter.

Who Are You?

What do you have to offer that customers can’t get elsewhere? That’s what you have to get across in 280 characters. Don’t waste time writing stock responses that tell people nothing real about your company.


  • Be Fresh
  • Be Original
  • Be Approachable
  • Be Clear
  • Be Short


  • Be Boring
  • Be Muddled
  • Be Unauthentic
  • Be Inconsistent

Every tweet you send should make it clear what your business stands for. Separate yourself from other companies similar to yours. Don’t be yet another anonymous account mindlessly sending out tweets. Put some personality behind the messages.

Get Yourself Organized

Your Twitter strategy should get the same focus and attention as any other marketing approaches. Put in more effort than a sloppily written tweet sent out during lunch. Design messages that coincide with upcoming products and services for your company. This helps elevate the overall impact of other designed promotional tactics.

Stick To A Schedule

Plan out your tweets to coincide with any new launches being rolled out. Use a calendar to schedule when you want to send out specific tweets notifying customers about upcoming events. Track what’s working for you and make note of what isn’t. Turn this information into fuel to design better twitter tactics for future campaigns.

Connect To Users

Use Twitter Chats to find others interested what you have to offer. Reply and retweet them when they present you with an interesting idea or comment. Engaging other users helps expand the reach of your company’s brand.


There’s nothing like a good hashtag to get people buzzing about you. Create hashtags that tie your business’s offerings to popular events. Be careful. Don’t have users rolling their eyes at attempts to associate your company with unsuitable trends.

Change Things Up

There’s consistency, and then there’s stagnation. Be open to new ideas on getting your company’s message across. You want to keep your business’s offerings relevant in the minds of new and current customers.

Experiment with these methods to find a Twitter strategy for your business. Find approaches that promote and expands the reach of your company’s brand.