Today, most businesses have been caught up in the craze of the online marketing and all the noise. As such, they tend to completely forget or disregard their connection to the physical reality much to their disservice.

Business success comes from connecting the online marketing efforts to the physical world, and that’s where local SEO comes in.

With the stiff competition in the local SERPs, it’s more difficult than ever to rank locally. So, businesses owners need to pull their socks in their local engagement tactics for better online visibility.

Today’s Local SEO & the Future

However essential it might be, local search faces the challenges of review spam and listing spam. Google is working hard to address the problem, and they’ve now introduced the Local Guide Programs that have made the process of providing information regarding local businesses seamless.

At the moment, the local search is composed of a third engagement, a third of the local data and a third of the traditional SEO.

Recently, when speaking at the PepCon 3.0, Dana DiTomaso, President, and Partner at Kick Point stressed on the need for optimizing businesses for local search.

He predicts that the future of local search will lean more toward engagement. Incidentally, it remains the best way for Google to tell the quality of a business. He revealed the secrets to boosting visibility through local engagement tactics.

8 Simple Local SEO Techniques for 2018 for Boosting Engagement

#1. Keep Track of your Google Business Timeline

Google has introduced a new Q&A feature that allows customers and prospective buyers to ask questions. Be sure to keep tabs on it and respond to all the queries.

#2. Strive to Maintain Consistent & Interesting Newsletters

Your Newsletters provide value lest your customers unsubscribe.

#3. Avoid Being Too Salesy in Your Transactional Emails

Most people hate emails that are all about selling. Provide value when reaching out to your customers and prospects.

#4. Don’t Ignore Social Signals

Social signals are an integral part of the engagement metrics. Although Google maintains that social signals have zero effect on the search rankings, they still matter.

#5. Reach Out to People Searching for Your Keyword plus Your Business Location

Set up all major search terms in Zapier such that whenever a person mentions a keyword and location relevant to your business, a tweet bot gets triggered. You can then send them a coupon or offer a discount.

#6. Integrate a Review Management System

Identify the best reviews systems for your locality or niche. Don’t forget to spread your reviews as people leave reviews in different places.

#7. Make it Easy for People to Contact Your Business

It should be possible to reach your business through email, phone, text message and other means of communication. Add a CTA on your website.

#8. Create Trackable Custom Links to Provide Directions

Help your prospective customers find your location by providing them with directions through custom links. Place the links on the contact page, footer and the confirmation emails.

Local SEO remains a highly-competitive area that most businesses continue to struggle with. The above techniques, courtesy of FizzPOP Media, should help increase your engagement and enhance local visibility. FizzPOP Media is a leading top website and marketing companies. We’re experts at designing professional websites that convert and help our customers create email automation follow-ups and sales pages that drive new sales. Call us at 360-999-5161 for more.