What Does Your Graphic Identity Say About You?

Branding. We all know the importance of good “branding” and what it means to business. Your brand IS your business. It shows off your personality, your positioning…basically, everything about you and your business.

When you set out to promote your brand and build awareness, how much time and effort are you putting into the design of your graphic identity: Your logo? Your sales collateral?

When prospective customers see your logo or materials, what do they think of first? Does your logo reflect your own personality, which is ultimately seen through your business? Does it reflect what your personal and business values?

Does that really matter?

Why is your graphic identity so important? In today’s very digital and web-based world, your graphic identity is oftentimes the first impression on a prospective customer. It’s important that the elements tie with your personality and the personality of your business. Think of it this way: your graphic identity IS your identity, therefore when your audience sees your logos and sales collateral, it should be a reflection of you. If your brand feels forced or unreachable, your customers will know.

Honesty works. Your graphic identity becomes even more identifiable with your social media presence as well as your own website content. This content only goes further to support your identity.

A good practice to reach the goal of building an identifiable brand is to ensure good communication between your graphic designer and your content writer. This goes a long way in creating an “authentic” brand that is transparent and supported by both design as well as the content in your brand messaging.

FizzPop Media provides full service marketing from logo creation to brand messaging for businesses such as your own. We work with all of our customers to ensure that their personality and values are seen fully through their own graphic identity and ready to create growth and success for the business.