Finally! Time to launch your site and rake in tons of cash!  Before getting lost in dreams of yachts and a non-ending stream of Armand de Brignac (it’s expensive!), make sure you’ve done everything possible to achieve success.

Check Your Keyword To URL Content Map

Have you done everything you could to apply focused keywords that drive users to the correct sections of your site? Review what you’ve come up with. Do your keywords map correctly to a related URL? Account for anything that’s been missed.

Double-Check Your Site’s Accessibility, Speed, and Visual Appeal

Make sure that search engines have easy access to your pages. Use tools like Moz Pro or to check for the presence of any broken links, bad landing pages, or duplicate content on your site.

Make your site flexible enough to handle viewing from different devices. Can your readers browse your site as easily from their smartphone as they can from their laptop? Does the content render clearly in a Chrome or Firefox web browser?

Users want fast content no matter where they are. Evaluate the speed of your site with a tool like Google Speed Test. Will someone from the Ukraine be able to get to your content as fast as someone from Wyoming?

Not everyone’s going to love dancing green polka dots on a flashing purple background. Check the visual appeal of your page by running it past family and friends. Use sites like Five Second Test or UsabilityHub to perform more formal user testing to locate any issues with your content or site navigation.

Setup Important Services and Tracking

Use tools like Google Analytics, Pikwik, and Ominuture to validate the presence of web analytics on every page. Add additional tools giving you the ability to find errors, set up brand alerts, perform uptime tracking, integrate retargeting and remarketing, and obtain your site’s current SEO ranking. Make any additional social media outlets you’ve set up easily accessible.

Grab Every Opportunity

Find additional search opportunities available within the content and images on your pages. Use tools like OpenGraph to optimize your page even further.

Ensure Launch Success

Tons of great sites go unnoticed because the owner failed to properly promote their launch. Leverage relationships with family and friends to get the word out about launch day. Pitch to people you’ve built online relationships for extra promotion. Use any social media and press contacts available.

Now it’s up to you. Good luck, and make sure to share the Brignac!