We’ve all heard about the importance of good content…but what does that really mean? We’ve heard about “good SEO” but what does that really mean?

When you hear “SEO” or Search Engine Optimization and content, you probably think of keywords specific to your content. While keywords are definitely important, SEO goes way beyond that idea of only incorporating those chosen words into a web page. Your content needs to be quality content that generates trust and credibility through engagement—getting readers to your page.

And, quite naturally, people search for good content. When readers are searching for specific information, they are searching for good answers. They want answers to a question or a solution to a challenge. And, readers searching for information generally tend to be motivated buyers.

But, If your content doesn’t do anything to attract readers and links, it doesn’t matter how optimized it is with keywords.

When creating or having content created, be sure to tune into the needs of your readers. If they don’t need it, then what’s the point. As what happens with buying, emotional forces can drive a person to share and to comment on information that’s relevant to them. You have to provide compelling benefits to reading your content.

How do you create good content? How do you get better SEO generated and driven by good content?

Write about something important to you.

What is a topic that is a passion for you that would resonate with your readers? What causes are you involved in that would bring interest and attention from your readers? Readers love to hear about personal involvement in passions. It’s a great way to create a relationship and engage with your readers.

Write what you know.

Write about you’re business. Share your solutions to customers’ challenges. Create answers to their questions. Create authenticity. Be transparent with your customers and share your story through your history and personal accomplishments. Share your challenges in business, and even personally if you’re comfortable, and how you overcame them. Readers love to hear about you and your staff and your business.

Ask for feedback.

This create valuable engagement. Ask your customers what they think about possible solutions to possible challenges. Ask them to contribute their own questions. This creates fresh content as well as numerous opportunities for sharing of information.

Why does all of this matter?

Search engines love fresh, relevant material. Good content is meant to be shared and will be shared if readers are engaged and find it interesting. And shared content gets linked and you get more awareness….which helps your SEO. And, as equally as important, the more time your readers spend on a page, the more chance that content has of having an impact on search rankings.

Also, search engines have to understand your content in order to rank or index it. Use the language your readers would use to find you.

To build trust and authority you need engagement and high quality content. If other people trust you, it’s likely that search engines will as well.

Once your site is ready, get the content noticed by using social media platforms as a way to publish and engage—create blogs and posts. Keep your content refreshed.

You won’t be treated as relevant until others treat you as relevant.

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Author: Jennifer Dodge