Organic SEO: What Is It?

Organic SEO involves manual search engine optimization techniques. No black hat, automated scripting or underhand methods are used in organic SEO. In simple terms organic SEO is the optimization of a site so that it can be found by search engine while still ensuring that the interests of the visitors to a website are well catered for. Search engines love websites that provide useful information to their visitors. Once the search engines believe that your website provides useful information, they will reward you by ensuring that you appear top on the search results. High rankings lead to high traffic. More traffic means more money.

How The Search Engines Work

Before you start applying organic SEO techniques on your website, understanding how search engines work is really important. There is no way that you can be able to optimize a website for the search engines of you don’t really understand how they work.

Search engines enable their visitors to get the information, product or service they are looking for when they search using keywords. Once a user submits a search query, all pages that contain the keywords will be listed in the search engine results pages. Each page that is found is ranked according to popularity, relevancy and a few other factors. Therefore, the more relevant your page is to a keyword, the more likely it is for it to appear on top of the search engine results. SEO is all about convincing the search engine that your pages need to be included in the top results. This is what organic SEO does for you.

Search Engine Spiders

There are millions of websites that are checked by the search engines on a daily basis. This is not something that can be done by human beings. Crawling is done by automated software commonly referred to as spiders. The spiders check all pages submitted to the search engines to determine their relevance. The search engines use calculations to determine where the pages from a given website should be placed on the results page. The calculation used is referred to as algorithm and it usually changes from time to time. The specific details about the algorithm used are never released to the public to prevent people from manipulating their sites to just get to the top despite lacking information that is relevant to a given keyword or search query.

Optimizing For The Visitors And For The Search Engines

Most website owners are guilty of altering the pages on their website so that they can rank high on the search engines. However, if you want to get the best results, you must ensure that all the alterations are done in an organic and positive way. Focusing on search engine optimization can detract you from focusing on providing value to the visitors to your site. This is something that should not happen because it will affect you negatively in the long run. The search engines know the webmaster can do anything just to rank high on the results page. That is why they keep reviewing their algorithm to ensure that the website that appear at the top deserve to be at the top. Every new algorithm created by the major search engines such as Google aims to ensure that sites are genuinely judged according to the value they provide to users. The search engines spiders are becoming more and more human like. They want to analyze websites from a human’s perspective. This shows that if you want to get to the top position on the search engines and to remain there for a long time, you have to focus on providing value to the people who land on your website.

The Basics Of Organic SEO

The basic components of organic SEO can be broken down into two components. The two components are off page SEO and on page SEO techniques. On page optimization are all those things that are done on the website to help to make it appear on the top of the search engine results. It includes things like proper page structure, content optimization, keyword inclusions etc. Off page optimization are the things that are done outside the website to improve its rankings. The main contributing factor in off page optimization is link building. When on and off page SEO are done the right way, a website’s ranking on the search engines can improve significantly.

The Benefits Of Organic SEO

Organic SEO should be part of the long term strategies for any company or business that wants to succeed online. Application of poor SEO techniques has made many websites give up on SEO. Today, most companies are opting for pay per click advertising because they are desperate to get to the top search engine result pages. Organic search traffic is more valuable than the traffic generated from paid clicks. Here are more reasons why you should invest in organic SEO;

1. It brings down your costs

Pay per click promises to get your website to the first page of the search engine results. However, you will have to part with a significant amount of money to maintain your appearance on the first page. When you invest in organic SEO, you will not have to pay to maintain your presence at the top.

2. It boosts the credibility of your website

Believe it or not, most internet users today can tell the difference between a site that paid to appear at top and those that appear there genuinely. Therefore, by investing in organic SEO, you are actually building the credibility of your website/ business online.

3. Helps you to stay ahead of your competition

All your competitors want to appear top on the search engine results. There is no way that you can stay ahead of your competition if you don’t implement strategies to get to the top as well. When your organic SEO campaign puts you at the top of search engine results pages, you will easily beat the competitors who depend on pay-per click advertising.

Organic SEO is not something that can be done in one day. It takes time and dedication to actually see the result of white hat SEO techniques. You need the help of experts who know exactly what to do help you with organic SEO. Contact us today if you want to improve your ranking on the engines the right way.