Many businesses are now turning to social media for to reach out to prospective customers. Launched in 2011, Snapchat is one fastest growing social media apps and has over 161 active daily users. In the US, 71% of the total users are 18-34 years. Users can chat after which the messages exchanged become untraceable upon opening.

The app allows a combination of photos, videos, crayons, creative fonts and filters and more. With the rich media experience that Snapchat offers, its popularity as a business marketing platform is rising by the day. Here’s how you can integrate Snapchat for marketing in your business?

Give a Glimpse of Behind the Scenes

If you’re a business producing a product(s) or offering, you can share a real-time video footage of the process before the product or service hits the market. Such regular sneak-peaks will attract the attention of your prospective customers, and they’ll feel like a part of what it is you do.

Promote Events

Snapchat stories allow you to share any ongoing large projects and also report major feats you’ve made as a business. For instance, you can involve the followers through the app by streaming live events and product launches. Sharing events with your followers will help strengthen your relationship.

Sharing Crucial Information

Although your objective as a business is to turn your followers into customers, you don’t have to run ads every minute. Take time to post valuable information that your followers will love reading.

You can share interesting personal stories and experiences that people can relate to and spark an interest and interaction. Through that, you end up creating business indirectly without the need to create one-on-one adverts.

Offer Hot Deals/Perks/Contest

Everyone loves discounts and giveaways, and it gets better with Snapchat. You can interact with your followers by offering exclusive deals, promo codes for those who keep tabs and view all your Snapchat stories. By doing that, you’ll keep them glued and waiting for more.

Promote Other Social Platforms

As a business, you have to be present on all the major social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can use Snapchat to direct your following to the other platforms.

For example, you can ask your followers to inbox you a message or code visible on Snapchat stories on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for a prize such as a giveaway or discount.

Tap Traffic for Business Website

Using Snapchat, you can direct the traffic to your site. Since links on Snapchat are not clickable, make the links easy to remember or to copy and paste in the browser. The trick is to write an interesting post on your website and then sharing part of it. You can then ask your followers to follow the link for more.