Snapchat influencers have been longing to have an analytics tool that provides them with detailed viewership analytics on their stories, and this has finally come to pass. With the snapchat, in-app analytic tool influencers will now have a good overview of who their audience is and how their stories perform. With the unveiling of this new platform, those who are part of the snapchat official story program (a version of Instagram verified profiles) will be the first to access the platform.

The criteria for selecting the influencers outside the story program has not yet been revealed, but those who will use the new in-app tool can view their stories and follower bases in different ways. First, they can segment their followers by interest, geographic region, age group and gender. Also, they can see their viewership trend for the past weeks including those who viewed a given story to completion, the average time each person spent viewing and the number of people who viewed their story.

Influencers Expectation From The Platform

The in-app tool will act as a platform which influencers can use to market their brand. After Instagram copied the story feature from snapchat most influencers were in favor of Instagram due to the analytics provided by the account as well as the large audience. Losing influencers was a big blow to snapchat, and in November 2017 Evan Spiegel Snapchat CEO admitted that he had “neglected” influencers and he was looking to work on it in 2018.

According to Rosy McMichael one of the influencers within Univision, snapchat has all it takes to win influencers back, and with the unveiling, on this in-app tool, they are eager to see if it is going to work in their favor.

Why Better Analytics Is Important For Influencers

In some influencers opinion, breaking down their audience plays a huge role in their marketing efforts especially when it comes to selling their brands through sponsored ads. With analytics tool designed for the in-app tool, influencers can share a screenshot of their snapchat audience analytics, and this will show how much it has or has not exceeded their expectation. Bottom line, the audience breakdown is just as good as the size of the audience.

The app has been recently re-designed and now features brands, publishers and influencers in the discover tab. The re-design has got people talking. One of the things that people keep questioning is whether those who are used to the chatting side of the app will stick to that side or if they will switch to the other side of the platform and check out different stories on discovering. Also, with the algorithmic and title-based ranking of stories, a lot of influencers are looking to see whether more users will scroll down to find their stories.