Have you been spending endless hours creating captcha worthy ads and shelling out extra cash to boost posts on social media only to discover that they are getting less clicks and ‘likes’ than the troll bait post ahead of it? If so, you might be asking yourself, “What the heck am I doing wrong here?” However, it may not be what you’re doing wrong, per se. You just may need to incorporate  these 8 fail-safe tips to help your social media ads hit the right mark. After all, with 7 out of 10 Americans using social media daily, you can’t afford to miss out on gaining this growing audience’s attention and following.

1. Give Readers Something Useful

Whether you’re posting blog links, instructional or informational videos or full-fledged ad campaigns on social media, readers aren’t likely to even consider clicking something they don’t find useful or relevant to their interests, current trends or newsworthy. Don’t betray your marketing interests by skimping on demographic research or not taking advantage of social media tracking tools. Identify your target market and put those social media analysis reports to wise use and increase conversion rates.

2. Contextual Customization

These tools and reports make number two possible, and with this knowledge in hand, you can begin to create advertising content that resonates with your audience at just the right time. For example, which times and days are your target audiences logging on and what are they searching for? Whatever that is, strive to give them something they are contextually interested in by personalizing ads to reach out within their specific interests for greater results.

3. Credibility and Authenticity is Key

Don’t boast review ratings unless they’re credible and true, and don’t make that your strongest selling point. While it’s okay to authentically boast a bit about key selling points to not undersell your company, you don’t want to come across as an authentic braggart. However, establishing credibility with your followers and potential consumers is an absolute must for any brand. This trust can be built with responsible, honest advertising that exhibits your authority in your field within your marketing strategy.

4. Be Accessible and Listen to Feedback

Email and instant messaging have made it easier than ever to be hyper responsive to followers queries and demands as well as to listen to their concerns and feedback. When it comes to gaining a devout set of patrons who will share your social ads and messages, these tools can help you create strong relationships without any additional expense beyond your time. Being available and actively responding to consumer’s needs can help boost your brand and help you gain a foothold within new marketing fronts. In fact, according to Sprout Social, more than 75% of users bought a product after having a positive interaction with an associate on social media platforms.

5. Test the System and Stay Persistent

Do you know just how effective or ineffective your current social media marketing strategy is? Did you make changes recently to boost those numbers? If not, then you’re likely missing the bus on moving forward to grown your business. Look closely at platform metrics to determine which posts get the most bang for the buck with replies, shares and conversions and keep heading in that direction. Be persistent and don’t give up even if your best social media efforts seem to fail. There’s professional help available to stay on top of all of these issues for you.

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