How’s your content marketing working for you? If the answer is bleak, it’s probably time to step up your game with some basic optimization technology. On top of the usual web marketing challenges, Facebook’s changes to its News Feed algorithm have caused a nose dive to marketers’ organic reach on that all-important platform. Very unfortunate. Businesses have reported a staggering drop of more than forty percent in their referral business from Facebook since the change took effect. The Facebook issue is just one big reason to adopt new strategies. Here are some effective web marketing tools to enhance your online marketing performance this year.

SumoMe — SumoMe improves your content’s reach. It provides an excellent list-builder. And, it has a feature that tracks mouse movement to indicate when a visitor is planning to exit from your website. This allows your system to prompt pop-up messages with special offers actually customized to the individual visitor, email opt-in help, and CTAs. The program displays share-buttons, and it auto-evaluates ideal placement for those on your pages. SumoMe can be a real help in increasing your social sharing frequency.

Ninja Outreach — Ninja Outreach helps identify social influencers, providing an abundance of contact information on tens of millions of users. And, it goes further, to provide a platform for locating and contacting influencers and managing those contacts. This technology allows you to conveniently develop email outreach templates to identify and locate leaders in any given social niche. And, it provides user-friendly tracking of email opens, click-throughs, and, of course, replies. Getting straight to influencers is a massive time saver and a very high-return-value feature in any marketing operation.

Pushwoosh — Pushwoosh sends notifications to computers and mobile devices. It allows you to segment recipients lists with tags and filters. It has features to manage times and delivery locations, including linking your RSS feed to Pushwoosh. And, it has an interface for Almighty.Press, helping you identify and automatically syndicate content that’s optimally timely and relevant to your audience.

SendGrid — Email helps build customer relationships. The SendGrid platform can be integrated into virtually any existing website. It allows you to create email channels that can be tested in nearly every detail, so you can understand what’s working and what needs to be tweaked, or removed and replaced. You can use SendGrid and SumoMe together, to produce more effective email campaigns. SendGrid streamlines your email marketing program, recouping time for you to focus on other priorities.

Almighty.Press — This is a content finder that far exceeds functionality for gauging basic user interactions in the form of shares, likes, tweets, etc.. Almight.Press provides real-time information on world-wide trends in content performance. The information is filterable. And, the Almighty Force algorithm tracks trends to allow you to act prior to saturation, meaning that you can deliver viral content before your competitors do. Tracking and publishing content with this superior timing lets you dominate social network algorithms that key on engagement.

Buffer — With Buffer, you can connect all of your social profiles at a central distribution point. This lets you make a few clicks to schedule dissemination of content to all of your social platforms at once. Buffer’s analytics allow you to see ideal distribution times. Streamlining your publishing to social platforms in this way is realizing the dream. Use this mega time saver, instead of manually scheduling and otherwise managing distribution across multiple profiles on platforms.


What’s so great about these tools is that they can be combined to increase engagement with your brand. You can use Almighty.Press to identify content that has viral potential. And, you can use Buffer to auto-queue the content for syndication across your social platforms. Then, when your visitors are drawn to your site, SumoMe works to increase your probability that they will opt-in for emailing or share your site. Finally, you can rely on Pushwoosh and SendGrid to update your readership with your new content. And, Ninja Outreach stays busy searching out those key influencers for you, to bring your content to the attention of web users who will do the most for your business.

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