Website Hosting—Think you can choose “just anything.”

Who you choose for your website hosting has a direct impact on the first impression of your business and how your business actually operates.

Speed, scalability, and security. That’s what you get with FizzPop Media’s managed WordPress website hosting.

Speed—Fast page-load is crucial to attracting and keeping potential customers on your site. If your site is slow, frustrated customers will leave and go elsewhere.

Scalability—A big sales promotion means your site can’t get bogged down with too many visitors at one time. With the proprietary EverCache®, your site is protected from too many visitors crashing the site.

Security—With our managed WordPress hosting, your site will be continuously monitored and protected from security threats…no matter how big or small your site is.

And…our Content Delivery Network (CDN) delivers even faster with more security.

See FizzPOPMedia Hosting to see how you can become a part of the faster generation!

MAKE IT HAPPEN NOW! Sign up within the next 30 days and we will migrate your website for only $99 (a $250 value). 

It’s Really About the Customer Experience

You have literally just seconds to make that first impression with visitors to your site.  Your site needs to be visually appealing, clearly communicate your message and, most importantly, be easy to use.

Does your website have the Responsive Website Design or RWD? RWD means that the website is responsive to the device being used to view the website, such as a smart phone, a laptop or a tablet. A website that is responsive leaves a good and lasting impression on viewers.  It demonstrates that you’re on top of the trends in communication such as the wide-spread use of smart phones. And, did you know that if your website isn’t responsive it can actually hurt your Google rankings? Get responsive today!

Is your website visually appealing?  Is it easy to read and distinguish what the branding and the message is when viewers look at your site those first few seconds? Without a good design, your message gets lost in too many graphics, too much clutter, too much flashing. Keep it clean and simple.

Does your website utilize good Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?  Can your audience find you through organic searches? The key to solid SEO is good keyword usage and high quality content. Invest in a content writer when appropriate to ensure your website stays fresh, dynamic and relevant.

And, the most important component, is your website easy to use. Is it fast? Have you invested in a hosting service that delivers a website in just seconds?  If your page doesn’t load immediately, you will lose prospective customers for sure.  Also, is your call to action clear?  Does your customer know what is expected of him? If the website expectations aren’t clear, you can’t expect your customer to buy your product or service.



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