There are many costs you need to be aware of when planning your exhibit for your next Trade Show.

When getting quotes from an exhibit builder, you want to make sure they are giving you all the numbers. Below I will give you a breakdown of services you can expect to pay.

The first thing to consider is shipping. If you only have a 10’ x 10’, chances are you have a simple pop up booth, that you can check in on your flight.

However, if you have a larger setup or larger booth, you will most likely have crates. Make sure you have your exhibit company get you shipping estimates in your bid. Usually they can get very good rates for you, since they ship regularly. Another thing to consider when shipping. Typically freight shippers will charge packages at a 100 pound minimum, so combine as much as you can. Make sure your not sending (5) five 20lb. packages. When sending international, give yourself lots of extra time. Customs can really slow things up and there is no guarantee with them that it will go right through that same day.

Drayage is another one you can expect to pay. Unless you have a pop up container you walk in with and store behind your booth, you will need Drayage. Drayage is the cost incurred for delivering your crates from the shipper to your booth, storing your booth during the show and delivering your crates back for shipping at the end of the show.

Other services you may need include Electrical, Internet, and Lead Retrieval machines. If you only need an electrical outlet across the back of your booth, its just a simple hook up fee. But, if you need certain area’s in your booth to have power ran under the carpet, this will incur an hourly labor fee from the on site electrician. Some shows give you the option for Wireless or hard wire internet in your booth, prices vary for this service, also lead retrievals are a very good thing to get. A great way to build your contact lists.

Many of these services offer discounted rates when you pre order in advance. Check your show books as soon as you get them. You will need these services anyway, why not save some money on them? If your uncomfortable filling these out, get with your exhibit company, exhibit companies can take care of these for a very minimal fee.

Now, its time to talk about setup. If you are setting up anything larger than a 10’ x 10’, you will need to hire Union labor. I would also recommend hiring a show site supervisor. This would usually be someone from your exhibit company. Costs to consider for your setup: Most Unions will have a (4) four hour minimum in select cities. Also, if your setup time is on the weekend, expect to pay time and a half, this also applies after 5pm. You will also have travel expenses for your show site supervisor, that is to cover, flight, hotel, car rental, and per diem. Sometimes with the cost of flights, it is cheaper to keep them there through the show, rather than flying them back and fourth. That can be decided based on the length of the show and how far they are traveling.

If you have any portion of your exhibit that hangs from the ceiling, you will need to hire a rigger. This can get pricey depending on the size of what your hanging. This is a big one to consider when designing your booth with your exhibit company. It will definitely make your booth stand out, but will come with additional costs.