Sales is about converting leads into sales, and it is an important skill that takes plenty of training and practice to master. For most, the phone is their “go to” tool when it comes to closing a deal that turns a lead into a customer.

But getting to that “deal” can be a challenge and the steps that salespeople need to take along the way are often repetitive and tedious. Automation is a tool that can take much of the sting out of the tedious sales process, as long as it is used appropriately. At FizzPop Media we can help you present your brand in a way that gives you a better chance at generating more leads, and more sales. The human component in sales is an important one, and sometimes can make or break a customer, so a salesperson needs to stay aware enough to be there when it really counts.

Striking a Balance Between Human and Automated Interaction

Embrace Email

When a salesperson is making a sales call in order to close a deal, they are able to speak to an average of eight people an hour, but they can use many of the same tactics in an email that can touch 200 people who can take the time to read the email whenever they are ready.Templates can be used in order to get the main message across and minor tweaks can be made to make the message a bit more personal.

Of course, no one expects a stampede of 200 potential customers to charge through the door looking to buy based on a single email, but a seed is planted.

Track and Capitalize on Small Successes

Sales can be a hit and miss business, which is why it is important to make note of what went right when things go your way. Make a point to ask for feedback so you can repeat the strategies that work best for you. Automated surveys distributed to satisfied customers will help you identify your best qualities so you can display them again and again.

Meeting Scheduling

Once you have closed a deal in person or on the phone, a small return to automated communication is often welcome. While people like personal interaction, they are also busy and most appreciate an extra boost from technology when it comes to scheduling. An automatic scheduling program gives your lead a range of options for meeting times so they can choose one where you are both available, and can send out a reminder as the actual meeting time approaches.