It’s no secret that technology has completely revolutionized the way people communicate with each other, receive news about the world, and even shop for goods. Whereas people used to visit stores in person, a significant amount of their shopping is done online. Furthermore, a large percentage of this is done on their mobile devices. Whether it is a smartphone or tablet device, more and more people are doing their shopping with these devices every year. That is why businesses everywhere need to make sure that their consumers are having an efficient shopping experience.

1. Functionality First

The most important aspect of any mobile shopping experience is functionality. This means that the service should be easy for everyone to use, regardless of how aesthetically pleasing it may appear. Make sure that all of the content is concise and has a point. The website or app should flow smoothly from one step to the next. The menus should be simple and easy to use. Finally, make sure that the website or app is tailored to the tablet or smartphone device. These are different machines and what works well on one device may not work well on the other.

2. Ensure Mobile Checkout is Available

When the customer goes to make a purchase, it likely requires entering credit card information into a series of small boxes. This has to be easy for the customer to use and what works on a standard web page may not work on a mobile device. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to checkout and finding that the mobile device cannot accept the credit card information. Ensure that mobile checkout works for everyone and, most importantly, that their credit card information is safe. The service should be fast, easy, and encrypted to keep user information secured.

3. Rely on Targeted Advertising

On top of the functionality of the mobile website, businesses need to make sure that they are advertising in ways that are mobile-friendly. This means using email newsletters and social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat. In contrast to an era where print and television ads were most effective, people almost always have a smart device attached to the hands. That makes mobile advertising effective when looking to expand the customer base of a business.

Not only does a mobile experience matter, it is even more important to ensure that this is done effectively. Make sure that users have an enjoyable experience shopping on a mobile platform and have advertising that is targeted to their preferences.