Word of mouth may be the most important sales tool you’re not taking advantage of. Word-of-mouth marketing uses talk triggers to gets your customers talking to each other and spreading the news about your brand.

What are Talk Triggers?

Talk triggers can be anything that differentiates your brand from another. It can be as simple as the fact that you give everyone a free sample of a product with every order. That’s a cheap, easy way to get people to remember your business (everyone loves free samples!). 

Your talk triggers won’t happen on their own, you’ll have to put some thought into them, and plan them. When considering your talk triggers, consider these three key attributes:

1) Make them interesting. Create buzz by making your talk trigger something people aren’t expecting, and something, of course, they’ll talk about. Think outside the box. It could be something as simple as saving empty bottles (like Lush does) and giving away a free product when customers return ‘x’ amount of empties. 

2) Make it a surprise! Don’t do the expected. Don’t do what your competitors are doing. If your competitors give away free t-shirts, don’t do that. Offer a free bottle of water or a cookie instead. Just make it something your customers aren’t expecting, but something they’ll talk about and come back for! Double Tree offers guests free chocolate chip cookies. It is not necessarily something you associate with hotels, but now you may–since everyone knows they do it and everyone expects that warm chocolate chip cookie when they check in. But more importantly, everyone talks about it! Surprise your customers with something they’ll love, and they’ll love to tell others about. 

3) Your talk triggers should promote themselves. A talk trigger shouldn’t be a PR stunt or an empty promise. Instead, make it something that really speaks to your brand or your motto. Are you dedicated to helping the environment? Give out trees! Give out a recycled paper item. Something that speaks to your beliefs will allow your customers to buy in. 

Talk triggers will have a major effect on your business. They can be a wonderful way to bring in new customers and keep your current clients coming back for more. Rather than struggling to keep up with your competition, try to break away from the pack and take the lead! Think outside the box. If you can design a talk trigger that causes your customers to forget about everyone else, you will see it in your sales.