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website speed

A Direct Impact On User Experience

Website page speed is crucial because it directly impacts user experience and search engine rankings. Faster-loading pages keep visitors engaged, reduce bounce rates, and improve SEO, ultimately leading to higher traffic and conversion rates.

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Your slow website hurts you in these ways:

User Experience

Plain and simple: website visitors don't stick around on slow websites. You've got <2 seconds to keep their attention.


Page speed and core web vitals are quantifiable metrics used by search engines to determine rankings.

Missed Sales & Conversions

Slow loading times means increased bounce rates and abandonded carts, resulting in lost sales and reduced conversion rates.

Losing A Mobile-First Competition

Mobile visitors have even less patience for slow-loading pages and make up a growing percentage of web traffic.

Slow websites create a poor user experience, leading to decreased customer satisfaction. Dissatisfied customers are less likely to return or recommend the website to others.

the steps we take

what we do to make your website fast

Ensuring your website loads quickly shouldn’t be rocket science, but it can be understandably tricky. Fortunately, we employ best-in-class server and technology configurations.

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1) High-Frequency Servers

Our servers are designed to provide high-performance computing resources specifically optimized for web hosting and other web-based applications.

2) Optimized Website Code

An increasingly rare practice, we only use necessary and well-optimized code, resulting in lightweight and efficient web pages.

3) Image Compression & Optimization

Unoptimized images are pervasive and costly. We use proper networks and compression to serve next-gen image formats.

4) Preventative Maintenance & Updates

Like a gas-powered car needs an oil change, we methodically stay on top of routine maintenance and software upgrades.

Need proof?

If we had a nickel for every speed test we’ve run, we’d be telling stories about it on a beach somewhere.

And like a good home renovation show, we love the before-and-after photos:

Case Study 1
  • Website Name: FizzPop Media
    (Yes, even our website needed a refresh)
  • URL:
Before FizzPopWith FizzPop
Case Study 2
  • Website Name: JW Property Services
  • URL:
Before FizzPopWith FizzPop

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Great people, great services. Honest, professional and holds integrity above all else. Would recommend doing business with FizzPop Media any time!

Austin Baar

Marketing Manager

FizzPop Media recently designed a new website for my employer. Brian was great to work with- he made the whole process so easy! I would recommend FizzPop media to anyone looking to build a new website.

Molly Simon

Marketing Manager

FizzPOP Media is absolutely fantastic to work with. Super-fast and responsive, they listen to what we think we need and make great suggestions for what we didn't even know we needed, but do! Fair pricing and just good people to work with. Highly recommend.

April Miles

Client Manager

FizzPop Media did excellent work building our new website. We had a lot of pages with many changes and updates and they responded quickly to our requests. They also made recommendations that really made our site much more professional and user- friendly. And our site was completed on our schedule. Thank you FizzPop Media!

Erich Neupert